Newsletter November 2011

Dear reader,

2011 again has been a busy year for Abeling Beheer. We continued our search for a solution to the many requirements for a feasible, mechanically manageable system.

It has to convert gravity (based upon Sjack Abeling’s theory of dynamics) into controllable results.

It is nice to notice more people are on a quest to solve the riddles of converting gravity into a useful source of energy.

We are continuously asked whether it should be possible¬†(based upon Sjack Abeling’s theory of dynamics) to make a continuous rotating wheel using one or more weights. Alas we can not answer that question for a lot of reasons.
For anyone who is eager to know all about Sjack Abeling’s progress we can inform you that it is most likely that the ‘November 2012 Newsletter’ will publish promising developments.

We hope 2012 will mark the start of utilizing a new, unique and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Kind regards,

Abeling Beheer Groep

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