Newsletter November 2010

Dear reader,

The numerous emails and phone calls we receive show that you want to know more about the progress of development of our system.

We are currently investigating whether or not it is possible to create a mechanically reliable system at all. During tests we had to experience that losing control over the system can result in serious damage and dangerous situations. Adjustments to the construction, monitoring the structural integrity and safety and all the innovations needed cost a lot of money and, more importantly, take a lot of time.

Our system is based on the ideas of one man. While Free Energy is “impossible” there is no way to calculate the results of our system up front, or to build a computer model to simulate the system. The only way we can make progress is by physically building, testing and adjusting the system and measuring the outcome. Because we are on unknown scientific terrain the development process is difficult and unpredictable.

Of course you will hear from us if we manage to control the techniques to build a safe and reliable system.

A lot of readers offer help or want to cooperate, but alas Abeling Beheer BV can not agree to such proposals. We understand and appreciate your interest in our remarkable system.

We hope we gave you some insight on the progress of development.

Kind regards,

Sjack Abeling

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