Newsletter June 2018

Much to our joy, Beautiful Energy (Mooie Energie) receives a lot of attention! The interest is particularly high from abroad. In the coming year, however, we will only deploy our systems in our own region and the Netherlands. Nonetheless there are talks with foreign parties and investors to set up production facilities abroad in a few years’ time.

But of course our priority now lies in the construction of our first large systems. We are reasonably well on schedule. R & D and management have decided to give simplification and possible efficiency improvements priority over the construction speed. Certain parts are made especially for us by third parties and sometimes during construction we find that replacing existing parts by improved ones is just the smart thing to do.


Of course we also want to produce sustainably. So minimizing post-processing, preventing production and emission of fine dust, preventing the use of solvents, reducing the (recyclable) waste to below 1%, not applying any hardening coatings for preservation, using own paraffin concrete on the outer layer of the undercarriage of mills and cellar walls (water, air and gas-tight) and so on.

For sustainability, the quality of the materials is also very important for the production of the AirGravityMills. We assume that 80% of the components in our systems (steel and concrete) will have a functional lifespan of approximately 100 years.


The detailed design and construction of our 0.5 and 1 MW AirGravityMills are starting to take shape. In the past two months, together with external companies, the designer has found solutions to simplify the system and make it easier to maintain. As a result, basic maintenance (the exchange of parts subject to wear and tear) can now safely take place within 30 minutes on one of the two mills. Therefore the mills in an energy island can continue to supply electricity 24-7.

AirGravityMills must meet a lot of requirements. For example,  they must be sturdy, safe and stable enough to keep the huge masses of thousands of kilos in balance and under control, despite of speed and forces involved. The wear of the mills must also be kept to a minimum. We now estimate that they must be able to function for a very long time without any major maintenance (20 to 25 years).

Not a perpetual motion machine

What strikes us is that many visitors to our site assume that our AirGravityMill is a perpetual motion machine. Many reactions are based on visitors’ own ideas and experiences. We welcome their enthusiasm but their ideas do not help us. It is impossible to take energy from a perpetual motion machine because the center of gravity in such machines is always below the rotational center during or immediately after starting them.


Our invention literally turns the inertia attachment point (anchor point) of the working mass upside down in the AirGravityMill. This leads to enormous forces over large distances in a fraction of one second. In order to set and keep the system in motion we have to keep adding some energy. The amount of energy required is approximately 2% of the yield of one AirGravityMill. This 2% energy is thus amply recovered (hence renewable energy).

We thank you for your interest in Mooie Energie. We will keep you informed of our progress!