Newsletter November 2018

We are still going strong! A small update for our loyal followers.

Progress of the development of our system

Important objectives in designing our AirGravityMill were that it:

  • Would be possible to assemble it with two workers
  • Would not cause pollution or nuisance in its environment
  • Should be safe, easy and quick to maintain
  • Had to be able to reliably supply electricity 24/7.
  • Should be possible to switch it on and off in a controlled manner.

These goals seem to have been achieved!

The recent months we spent a lot of time on further optimizing the basic system, and on developing the design for a mobile ‘Energy island’ that should be able to be installed at any location.

Two versions of this mobile ‘Energy Island’ have been designed: A 1 and a 2 MW version. Both can produce electricity 24/7 for immediate use.

  • The 1 MW version requires a floor of approximately 6 by 6.3 meters and consists of two mills.
  • The 2 MW version consists of three mills on a floor of approximately 6 by 10 meters.

The objective is to deliver prefab systems in segments on location where the customer can have a distribution cabinet with offtake points of 2000 and 4000 Ampere.

Progress of our company

With the introduction of new products (including storage batteries), the possibilities that new technologies offer us and new services that are provided to us, the foundation of our company has been strengthened in recent months. We have created a sound basis for the roll-out of our beautiful systems.

In the coming months we will to work out the details of the production method of our systems. Then we can start preparing and starting production.