Newsletter January 2018

Finally: A revolution in renewable energy!


Back in 1996 we got interested in the process of transforming the energy/power of gravity on objects into kinetic energy, ultimately resulting in a continuously driving force.
Patiently and motivated we continued working on the solution for more than 10 years, despite all external opposition and negativity (always blindly referring to the laws of conservation of energy).
More than 750 days ago we had a major breakthrough with a new invention. And last month we achieved our goal: We can transform gravity into a driving force; 100% kinetic energy, generated from the quadratic acceleration of weights in our “AirGravityMill”, driving a generator.


With the special invention of the M.D.S. system, a primary active flywheel (that we call the “AirGravityMill”) can drive a secondary generator.
The special weight-lifting capabilities of the invention generate 800% more energy than the energy that is needed to generate and control the free fall of weights in the “AirGravityMill”.


With the help of intermediaries, external companies and the growing interest of investors we now aim at producing 50 machines with a 250 KW to 1 MW capacity by the end of 2019.
We want to install and operate “energy islands” for the regional industry, producing and supplying our “Mooie Energie” (beautiful energy) where needed.
We estimate the “AirGravityMill” could ultimately drive 24 MW generators.


Towards the end of January our system will be introduced in The Hague and Brussels (the political capitals of The Netherlands and the European Union respectively).

Product information

The “AirGravityMill” is a 100% closed pneumatic/hydraulic system and therefore does not require special permits. Depending on the capacity of the generator local authorities may have to be notified, or the system can be operated using the business license of the host of the “energy island”. The system can be installed in a barn, warehouse etc.


Only air and gravity are required. Therefore the system can be installed stand-alone. The only limitation is the accessibility of the location to install the system.

Of course there is no danger for surroundings or environment. Our energy production method is cheap, local and completely independent. The energy island can generate energy on a small footprint.

Characteristics of the “AirGravityMill”
  • 100% constant capacity
  • Can be linked to own or existing (public) infrastructure.
  • Independent.
  • Can be installed almost everywhere
  • Low energy price for (power) consumer.
  • Quiet and safe.
  • Can be easily switched off and restarted.
  • Very small footprint compared to other systems.
  • Remote control and monitoring.

From mid-2018 we will first power our upcoming production facility with an “AirGravityMill”. We will then slowly expand and provide beautiful and affordable energy to surrounding regions.

We will help to:

  • Provide cleaner air to breath.
  • Reduce “horizon pollution” and reduce nuisance for surroundings.
  • Increase safety.
  • Return the huge footprint of solar plants to agriculture, nature etc.
Our challenge

In the next 30 years we want to become one of the largest energy suppliers and install our systems around the world.