How does it work?

We understand that the news about our AirGravityMill raises a lot of questions. You will understand that we are careful when providing information about our intellectual property. Nevertheless we will try to answer the most important question.

Question: How is it possible that, with just a minimal amount of external energy, the mill can drive a secondary system with 100% gravity?

Answer: The AirGravityMill is equipped with at least two “MDS” systems, one per mass. The working masses in the mill are set in motion with a small amount of external energy, activating the MDS systems. The ‘law of conservation of energy’ will make sure that approximately the same amount of energy remains in the mill for the next rotation. But the motion of the wheel and thus activation of the MDS systems has additional consequences that do not take energy from the rotation. Read more

Newsletter January 2018

Finally: A revolution in renewable energy!


Back in 1996 we got interested in the process of transforming the energy/power of gravity on objects into kinetic energy, ultimately resulting in a continuously driving force.
Patiently and motivated we continued working on the solution for more than 10 years, despite all external opposition and negativity (always blindly referring to the laws of conservation of energy).
More than 750 days ago we had a major breakthrough with a new invention. And last month we achieved our goal: We can transform gravity into a driving force; 100% kinetic energy, generated from the quadratic acceleration of weights in our “AirGravityMill”, driving a generator. Read more

The Green Revolution has begun!


Revolution started 01/12/2015 20:15

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