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In the past few years it seemed quiet around our project. But we have certainly not been idle: We made another important discovery at the end of 2015. Thanks to this discovery it is now our objective to bring a functional system, powered by gravitation, to the market, possibly in 2016.

With several unique transport systems masses are kept in balance and their centrifugal force is converted into potential gravitation; This is transformed into kinetic energy to drive, for example, a generator. The provided return is expected to be over 80% for driving secondary systems. On customer demand these can be low-, medium- or high-voltage, 50 or 60 Hz, 4 to 24 poles, and from 5 MW to 25 MW. Such generators are currently used in power plants and can be powered by the gravitational systems of Abeling Economy Group.

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Welcome to ‘Beautiful Energy’

On our new site we will provide you with the latest publicly available information regarding our revolutionary energy system.

For the time being there is no contact form because answering the flood of questions from all over the world has become an impossible task. Please check back soon for the latest news.

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